the cycles

the cycles

A choreographic installation.

Performers are caught in an 'unavoidable' loop of meaningless tasks, where nature and coloured forms become tools that resist change.

A new work in development created in 2015 in response to the Tuscan surroundings, following a residency commission at L'Associazione Dello Scompiglio.

Performers: Enrico L'Abbate, Andrea Baldassarri, Alit Kreiz, Mosè Risaliti, Eleftheria Tzamtzi
Sound Design: Kon Tsits
Set Design: Anton Mirto
Concept & Direction: Anton Mirto & Alit Kreiz

What do we learn each time we fall and why do we return to stand up, to fall yet again?

If we could remove the factors that reinforce our habitual patterns, what new positions and viewpoints might we take?