the future of death

A show that certainly took the boundaries of performance art a bit further out into a magic new territory Franck Bordese – Executive Director, Siobhan Davies Studios

A very beautiful, moving and contemplative performance. Images still haunt me. Rose Fenton – former LIFT Director

We really found the piece moving and poignant. Beth Chaplin – Whitechapel Art Gallery

miss, did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?

A2's shows are characterised by a tough charm… The quest for authenticity is at stake throughout... and piquancy is added by the fact that this is only a piece of theatre, and yet is also a very real manifestation of the two women's relationship. The Guardian ****

Mirto and Kreiz expose themselves as generous artists with a special gift. Their bruised, resonant show is a small treasure. The Times ****

Their special gift appears to be an ability to lure us into their world and hold us there charmed, touched and rapt. DanceEurope

do you want this once again?

Astonishingly Risky and Intelligent! Here comes A2 to blow you out of your cerebral chair. They will have your mind full of thought and your cheeks full of chuckles. Resolution! review

This should be the breakthrough year for Alit Kreiz and Anton Mirto. The Guardian

she turned her head and looked

A work in progress of uncommon and categorisable intelligence... their performances are, in effect, a kind of living gift. Dance Europe.

The best piece I have seen in this year's festival. Resolution! Review


tights 1 / nonetheless still thinking

It worked, because we watched you and then you made us think about ourselves - which is quite rare in the theatre these days. A. Spalding, Sadlers Wells

enjoyed the cheekiness, delicacy, visual strength, length, your performances & simplicity. D. Waring, Laban

a beautiful poem, it made me laugh & cry, and reminded me how fragile life is. A.Barrow Hackney Empire

I was moved and didn't realise when and how it happened and I think that's a great skill to have. Audience member

all those people I have met

A2 have come up with an innovative model for collaboration between communities and professionals in the development of performances that reflect the vibrant multiculturalism at the heart (and I deliberately say 'heart') of our urban experience. London Theatre Guide

A2’s ideas are strong and their medium of stylish stage poetry is even stronger: very like a chance meeting of TS Eliot and Agnes Varda. The Telegraph

The startlingly talented A2 are crafting compelling work that seduces and illuminates in equal measure. The Stage

They supply wit, invention and more than enoug h charm to prove themselves capable of intricate theatrical surgery. Time Out

private view

Fantastic performers Alit and Anton give stage performance a depth that goes beyond dimension into a realm of sensations. Run! KultureFlash Limited