I would like to say sorry

i would like to say sorry

...I would like to say sorry to my face for not being caressed enough…it just so happened there was no one there to ask...

...I would like to say sorry to my guilt hormone for being over used...

...I would like to say sorry to Jesus for assuming we all know what he looks like...

A performance sound installation - a confessional text of personal, portable apologies reflecting a recognition to take responsibility, in order to affect change.

First performed in response to the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) Enquiry '04.

duration: 50 mins

Holding portable CD players, people stand in a space. Alternating from one CD player to another, comes a continual whispered apology of too many things they would like apologize to or for.

You created a space of personal and collective reflection on what matters, the big and the small, and in apologising for your own, very personal, failings, allowed all present to take a small step towards a new self-knowledge. Nicky Petto - Programme Assistant - LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre)