private view

An installation-performance investigating cause and effect following a 7-day residency at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA). An exploration of how the smallest, least insignificant action can have an effect in our lives and how the consequences of our actions are rarely considered.

you've cheated again

A man on a chair randomly ‘pops’ bubble wrap in his hands. The audio is amplified. His actions are filmed. Diverse people lie on the floor and jolt impulsively to the ‘popping’ sound. Audience members are encouraged to lie down and jolt.

when I die I would like to take the telephone with me just in case there is one more thing I would like to say

A woman lies under a mound of earth one arm revealed holding a mobile phone, which rings intermittently.

and I remember that I hadn’t stopped moving on, I had actually been moving non-stop and quite fast, without really paying attention to the fact that soon I was going to be very old

An old lady sits in an armchair, her look fixed on a screen, televising the man ‘popping’ bubble wrap.

Published in InTensions ejournal
Spring 2008 issue 1, Aesthetics of Affliction