earning innocence

earning innocence / I

With today's limitless scope for self-representation 'masks' worn in real life and in social media - which version of yourself would you re-present?
Can looking for who you are, be who you are?
And what of leaving yourself in the controlled technology of the Internet: should you be forever findable and identifiable and seen?

An installation performance that explores finding and hiding the self in a world where we are consuming ourselves in the form of images.

Using aluminium foil, performers mass-produce multiple versions of themselves through moulding their faces and other body parts live.

Performers: Romain Beck, Natasha Lowe Swingler, Jaimie Rodney, Carlos Mol, Eleftheria Tzamtzi
Sound: Kon Tsits
Lights: Sarah Readman
Concept & choreography: Anton Mirto