the future of death / when does the beginning suddenly appear?

Forty people gradually bury each other with earth in front of a live audience.

A person enters the space and lies down. A 2nd person enters carrying earth, buries the 1st and lies down. A 3rd enters, buries the 2nd and lies down. A 4th buries the 3rd and lies down.

An evolving body of work exploring the interrelationship between living and dying. Intial research took root during a residency at Parc de la Villette, Paris, where A2 engaged with the terminally ill in palliative care to research and discover the changes of heart made (if any) on the verge of death, and how this knowledge can be put into practice in our lives now.

Residency information and project requirements

Workshop feedback

duration: 50 mins

Part I, ICA London, 2005
Part II, WUK Vienna, Austria 2008
Part III, City of Women Festival, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubliana, Slovenia 2008
Part IV, The Depot, Off Limits festival, Dortmund, Germany 2009
Part V, The Storey Gallery, Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster, UK 2009 - video coming soon
Part VI, Yaffo 23 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel 2011, produced by Culture Department

supported by Bezalel, Outset, Ha'Zira, Bi Arts / British Council, Ministry of Culture.