the future of death Part I

pour le moment toujours sans titre

An evolving body of work exploring the interrelationship between life and death, which took root during a 3 month residency at Parc de la Villette, Paris. During this time A2 spent a month with the terminally ill in palliative care to research and discover - the changes of heart made (if any) on the verge of death, and how this knowledge can be put into practice in our lives now.

Their findings were presented within a work in progress in April 2005 at the 100 Dessus Dessous Festival in Maison de la Villette.

Co-produced by Parc de la Villette, in the framework of artistes in residence. Supported by Arts Council England & British Council.

One of the most striking & sparkling performances of the festival; it blended sensitivity, an impish consciousness of life, ingenious mise en scène & a real sense of purpose. Karthika Naïr. Centre National de la Danse – Paris

When did the beginning suddenly appear in Paris?

….We were advised not to mention the word death. For the first two visits we used the word life instead... From residency diary A2 in Paris, May 2005