miss, did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?

miss, did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?

...Tell me you love me
I want to hear how it sounds
What sort of sound are you looking for?
It doesn’t really matter as long as it sounds real…

An emotionally provocative investigation about human relationships and the games we play. A performance exploring the personalities we are conditioned to hide and those we see fit to reveal.

A2's shows are characterised by a tough charm… The quest for authenticity is at stake throughout the show, and piquancy is added by the fact that this is only a piece of theatre, and yet is also a very real manifestation of the two women's relationship. The Guardian ****

Mirto and Kreiz expose themselves as generous artists with a special gift. Their bruised, resonant show is a small treasure. The Times ****

duration: 50 mins

First performed in 1999, this is an ongoing project which aims to examine how the artists interaction on stage is influenced by the changes and experiences, which have taken place, in reality between them.

A living diary that will examine and monitor the connection between life and theatre and record how the transitions in our lives, both as individuals and as close friends will advance, sustain, provoke and alter our work first conceived in 1999 age 30. Anton & Alit